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wish noun
أُمْنِيَّة, مُنْيَة
بُغْيَة, رَغْبَة, حِرْص
Example sentences of
wish noun
  • He has a wish to be reunited with his son.
  • The genie will grant you three wishes.
  • Send her my good wishes.
Related phrases for
wish verb
wished, has wished, is wishing, wishes
تَمَنَّى, أَحَبَّ
رَغِبَ, أَرَادَ, شَاءَ
رَجَا, ارْتَجَى, تَاقَ
Example sentences of
wish verb
  • You may use the telephone, if you wish.
  • She wished them a happy New Year.
  • We wish you a Merry Christmas.
  • We all wish for world peace.
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wish verb