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whip noun
سُوط, كُرْبَاج
Example sentences of
whip noun
  • The rider cracked his whip and the horse began to run.
  • Please do not use your belt as a whip.
whip verb
whipped, has whipped, is whipping, whips
ضَرَبَ, هَزَمَ
Example sentences of
whip verb
  • The jockey whipped his horse.
  • The riders were getting whipped around on the roller coaster.
  • He suddenly whipped out a gun.
  • He whipped off his jacket.
  • The flag was whipping in the strong wind.
  • A small branch whipped back and hit him.
  • The wind whipped the ship's sails.
  • The shortstop whipped the ball to first base.
  • The winger whipped a pass toward the net.
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whip verb