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twirl verb
twirled, has twirled, is twirling, twirls
دَوَّرَ, دَوَّمَ, لَفَّ
أَدَارَ, جَعَلَهُ يَدُور
Responsive image
Happy girl twirling an umbrella
Example sentences of
twirl verb
  • They twirled past us on the dance floor.
  • The cheerleaders jumped and twirled.
  • The kite twisted and twirled in the wind.
  • The chef twirled the noodles around his fork.
twirl noun
دَوَرَان, دَوْرَة, لَفَّة
Example sentences of
twirl noun
  • The dancers executed perfect twirls.
  • the twirl of the dancer's skirt mesmerized me