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turn verb
turned, has turned, is turning, turns
دَارَ, اسْتَدَار, قَلَبَ, قَلَّبَ, الْتَفَتَ, دَوَّمَ
وَجَّهَ, تَوَجَّهَ, اتَّجَهَ
Example sentences of
turn verb
  • He turned the key and opened the door.
  • She slowly turned the doorknob.
  • Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left.
  • Someone turned the switch and the lights came on.
  • They turned and walked away.
  • She turned to leave—but stopped.
  • He turned aside to let me pass.
  • The patient turned onto his side.
  • The photographer asked her to turn slightly to her left.
  • He turned himself around to see the back of his shirt in the mirror.
turn noun
دَوْر, مَرَّة, نَوْبَة
لَفَّة, مُنْعَطَف, جَوْلَة
Example sentences of
turn noun
  • You have to wait your turn in line.
  • Is it my turn yet?
  • Give the wheel another turn.
  • He tightened the screw with one last turn.
  • With a turn of the switch, the lights came back on.
  • Take a left-hand turn at the next intersection.
  • a quick turn of her head
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turn noun