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trouble verb
troubled, has troubled, is troubling, troubles
أَتْعَبَ, قَلْقَلَ
شَقَّ, أَقْلَقَ
Example sentences of
trouble verb
  • The accusations troubled him deeply.
  • I'm troubled by his strange behavior.
  • I don't mean to trouble you, but I have a question.
Synonyms of
trouble verb
trouble noun
تَعَب, ثَقْلَة
شِقَّة, مَشَقَّة, شَقَاء, وَرْطَة, مُضَايَقَة, عَنَاء, قَلْقَلَة
شَغْب, مُشَاغَبَة
Example sentences of
trouble noun
  • The new system is giving me trouble.
  • He was having trouble with his homework.
  • I had a little trouble finding the place.
  • He had no trouble finding a new job.
  • gangs looking to make trouble
  • When the new CEO arrived, the company was in trouble.
  • She got into trouble with her credit cards.
  • He's always getting in trouble at school.
  • She has been having trouble with her knee.
Synonyms of
trouble noun
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