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do verb
did, has done, is doing, does
فَعَلَ, صَنَعَ, أَنْجَزَ
Example sentences of
do verb
  • I want to do something special on my birthday.
  • This crime was done deliberately.
  • I have to do some chores this afternoon.
  • Tell me what to do and I'll do it.
  • I'm obliged to do my duty.
  • He does his work without complaining.
  • He did a lot for us.
  • What have I done to you to make you so angry?
  • “What are you doing this weekend?” “I'm just relaxing at home.”
  • What is the stock market doing now: rising or falling?
  • We should do something special to celebrate your birthday.
Reverse translation for
to be done