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support verb
supported, has supported, is supporting, supports
أَيَّدَ, سَنَدَ, سَنَّدَ, سَانَدَ, دَعَمَ, نَاصَرَ
آزَرَ, ظَاهَرَ, سَاعَفَ, عَضَدَ
Example sentences of
support verb
  • I completely support your decision to stay.
  • She no longer supports the war.
  • The senator says that he supports the proposed legislation.
  • Which presidential candidate do you support?
  • The study is supported by the American Medical Association.
  • The country's citizens were asked to support the war effort.
  • Her friends supported her by signing her petition.
  • The charity supports needy families.
  • Bombers were called in to support the ground troops.
  • The planet's atmosphere cannot support human life.
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support verb