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separate verb
separated, has separated, is separating, separates
عَزَلَ, فَرَّقَ, فَصَلَ, فَرَزَ
جَزَّأَ, قَطَعَ, شَطَرَ, فَكَّ
انْشَقَّ, تَشَعَّبَ, تَصَدَّعَ
Example sentences of
separate verb
  • They described the process used to separate cream from milk.
  • A great distance separated the sisters from each other.
  • They walked together to the corner, but then they separated and went their separate ways.
  • The main group separated into several smaller groups.
  • Oil and water separate when combined together.
  • The oil separated from the water.
  • The salt crystals separated out of the liquid.