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honor verb
honored, has honored, is honoring, honors
شَرَّفَ, احْتَرَمَ, وَقَّرَ, كَرَّمَ, أَكْرَمَ, بَرَّ
هَابَ, تَهَيَّبَ, فَخَّمَ
جَلَّلَ, أَجَلَّ
Example sentences of
honor verb
  • When we got married, we promised to love and honor each other.
  • We were honored with the queen's presence.
  • She has been honored by several organizations for her charitable works.
  • We need to find an appropriate way to honor these brave people.
  • They have established a scholarship as a way to honor his memory.
  • They are accused of failing to honor their debts.
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honor verb