1 Translation results for: to cover
cover verb
covered, has covered, is covering, covers
غَطَّى, سَتَرَ
طَبَّقَ, أَطْبَقَ
لَفَّ, لَبَّسَ, أَلْبَسَ
دَجَّلَ, غَلَّفَ, جَلَّلَ, فَرَشَ, دَثَّرَ
Example sentences of
cover verb
  • The gardener covered the soil with mulch.
  • The furniture had been covered in a protective cloth.
  • We covered the stains on the wall with a fresh coat of paint.
  • You should cover your mouth when you cough.
  • She covered her head with a scarf.
  • tables covered with white linen
  • Lakes cover much of the state.
  • The hikers covered long distances every day.
  • The bird may cover thousands of miles during its migration.