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thunder noun
Example sentences of
thunder noun
  • Her dog is afraid of thunder.
  • Lightning flashed and thunder boomed.
  • Suddenly there was a loud clap of thunder.
  • We could hear the rumble of thunder in the distance.
  • the thunder of horses' hooves
  • the distant thunder of cannon fire
  • She accepted the award to a thunder of applause.
thunder verb
thundered, has thundered, is thundering, thunders
Example sentences of
thunder verb
  • The sky thundered and the rain poured down.
  • It was raining and thundering all night.
  • Guns thundered in the distance.
  • Horses thundered down the road.
  • Trucks thundered past on the highway.
  • “How dare you come into my house!” he thundered.
  • "How dare you come into my house!" he thundered.
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thunder verb
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