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swell verb
swelled, has swollen, is swelling, swells
انْتَفَخَ, وَرِمَ
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Wrapping a sprained ankle will help prevent it from swelling.
Example sentences of
swell verb
  • Her broken ankle swelled badly.
  • Heavy rains swelled the river.
  • The population has swelled in recent years.
  • The economy is swelling at an annual rate of five percent.
  • Immigrants have swelled the population.
swell adjective
رَائِع (عَامِّيَّة)
بَارِز اجْتِمَاعِيًّا
Example sentences of
swell adjective
  • That was a swell party.
  • what a swell time we had at the country club dance
swell noun
مَوْجَة عَالِيَة
Example sentences of
swell noun
  • The storm has brought high winds and heavy swells along the coast.
  • the swell of a pregnant woman's belly
  • a swell in the population
  • the swell of the music