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supply noun
تَزْوِيد, تَغْذِيَة, تَمْوِين, إِيرَاد, إِمْدَاد
مُؤْنَة, مَخْزُون
Example sentences of
supply noun
  • Do they have adequate supplies of fresh water?
  • He bought a month's supply of cigarettes.
  • They took a month's worth of supplies on the camping trip.
  • The town is in need of basic medical supplies.
  • a store that sells art supplies
  • The state is trying to disrupt the supply of illegal drugs.
  • The storm interrupted the town's electricity supply.
Synonyms of
supply noun
supply verb
supplied, has supplied, is supplying, supplies
وَرَّدَ, أَمَدَّ, مَانَ, مَوَّنَ, زَوَّدَ, غَذَّى,
Example sentences of
supply verb
  • The company supplied the necessary money.
  • You'll have to supply your own food.