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strike noun
Example sentences of
strike noun
  • The newspaper reported a strike by airline pilots.
  • The workers are on strike.
  • Workers threatened to take strike action.
  • The allies have launched several strikes.
Synonyms of
strike noun
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strike verb
struck, has struck, is striking, strikes
ضَرَبَ, بَطَشَ, رَشَقَ, خَبَطَ
قَاضَ, قَوَّضَ, انْقَضَّ
دَاخَلَ, تَدَاخَلَ
Example sentences of
strike verb
  • The ship struck an iceberg.
  • The car struck the tree.
  • The bullet struck him in the leg.
  • The cyclist was struck by a car.
  • The tree was struck by lightning.
  • He fell and his head struck the pavement.
  • I could hear the rain striking the rooftop.
  • She struck the cymbals together.
  • The killer struck him with a blunt object.
  • She accidentally struck another player in the face.