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spoil verb
spoiled, has spoiled, is spoiling, spoils
دَلَّلَ, دَلَّعَ
سَوَّأَ, أَفْسَدَ
فَسَّدَ, أَتْلَفَ
عَفِنَ, فَسَدَ, تَعَفَّنَ
Example sentences of
spoil verb
  • The fight spoiled the party.
  • The camping trip was spoiled by bad weather.
  • Don't let one mistake spoil your day.
  • Don't spoil your appetite by snacking too much.
  • Exposure to air will spoil the wine.
  • I spoiled the sauce by adding too much garlic.
  • The milk was beginning to spoil.
  • The hotel spoils their guests with fine dining and excellent service.
  • She always spoils me on my birthday.
  • You should spoil yourself with a day at the spa.