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scan noun
فَحْص دَقِيق
فَحْص بِأَشِعَّة فَوْق صَوْتِيّة
Example sentences of
scan noun
  • The patient underwent a brain scan.
  • The doctor examined the bone scans.
scan verb
scanned, has scanned, is scanning, scans
دَقَّقَ, بَحَثَ
Example sentences of
scan verb
  • He scanned the field with binoculars.
  • He scanned the audience looking for his parents.
  • She scanned his face for any clue to what he was thinking.
  • She quickly scanned the pages of the newspaper.
  • She scanned through the list to find her name.
  • Their bags were scanned at the airport.
  • This machine scans a patient's brain.
Synonyms of
scan verb