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safe noun
خَزْنَة, خَزِينَة
Example sentences of
safe noun
  • Lock your valuables in the safe in your room.
  • The hotel recommended that we keep all our valuables in its safe during our stay.
safe adverb
safe adjective
سَلِيم, سَالِم
Example sentences of
safe adjective
  • I don't feel safe in this neighborhood.
  • The kids were safe in the cabin.
  • We need to make sure that the children are safe and sound.
  • “Is the money safe?” “Yes, it's in the bank.”
  • a world made safe from war
  • Is it safe to walk here?
  • He wished us a safe trip.
  • I found a safe place to take shelter from the storm.
  • They live in a perfectly safe neighborhood.
  • We watched the fireworks from a safe distance.
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safe adjective
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