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pull noun
Example sentences of
pull noun
  • She gave the door a few hard pulls and it opened.
  • Give the rope a pull.
  • He has a lot of pull in local political circles.
pull verb
pulled, has pulled, is pulling, pulls
شَدَّ, دَفَعَ, سَحَبَ, جَرَّ
Example sentences of
pull verb
  • He pulled the door open and ran out.
  • The cat will scratch you if you keep pulling its tail.
  • Make a knot in the rope and pull it tight.
  • Pull the baby's chair closer to the table.
  • She pulled the blanket over her head.
  • We tried pushing and pulling but couldn't get the couch to move.
  • Grab the end of the rope and pull as hard as you can.
  • We spent the morning in the garden pulling weeds.
  • I accidentally pulled one of the buttons off my shirt.
  • He pulled the plug out of the socket.
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pull verb