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power noun
قُوَّة, شِدَّة, جَبَرُوت, شَوْكَة
قُدْرَة, مَقْدَرَة
سُلْطَة, سَطْوَة, صَلَاحِيَّة
Example sentences of
power noun
  • She is from a very wealthy family with a lot of social power.
  • The company abused its power, forcing workers to work overtime without pay.
  • The company was almost destroyed in a power struggle between its two founders.
  • After the emperor died, power passed to his eldest son.
  • the peaceful transfer of power to the newly elected president
  • The president was removed from power in the recent uprising.
  • The new government has taken power.
  • The rebels rose to power several years ago.
  • A small company with only a few products has grown to become a power in the industry.
  • Our state is now the region's leading economic power.
power verb
powered, has powered, is powering, powers
Example sentences of
power verb
  • The running back powered through the defensive line.
  • He powered the ball past the goalie.
  • She powered her way to the finish line.
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