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open verb
opened, has opened, is opening, opens
فَتَحَ, انْفَتَحَ, افْتَتَحَ, فَجَا
Example sentences of
open verb
  • This door is hard to open.
  • Open the door!” shouted the police officer.
  • Would you mind if I opened a window?
  • The car door opened and a beautiful woman stepped out.
  • The door opened and closed so quietly that I didn't notice he had come in the room.
  • This drawer is stuck. It just won't open!
  • She comes home, turns on the TV, and starts opening her mail.
  • She opened her eyes and smiled at me.
  • I opened my umbrella and stepped out into the rain.
  • Open your mouth wide for me,” said the dentist.
open adjective
عَلَنِيّ, إِعْلَانِيّ
Example sentences of
open adjective
  • The door suddenly swung open.
  • You left the blinds wide open.
  • The meat was roasted over an open fire.
  • I was so tired that I couldn't keep my eyes open.
  • Don't chew with your mouth open.
  • staring with her eyes wide open
  • There's already an open jar of pickles in the refrigerator.
  • They kept the road open throughout the winter.
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