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navigate verb
navigated, has navigated, is navigating, navigates
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The verb 'to navigate' originally meant 'finding one's way in the sea', but it has since acquired a more general meaning.
Example sentences of
navigate verb
  • For thousands of years, sailors navigated by the stars.
  • How about if you drive and I navigate?
  • I'd need a map to navigate the city.
  • Only flat-bottomed boats can safely navigate the canal.
  • He has learned to navigate in rough waters.
  • The downtown area is easily navigated on foot.
  • She has trouble navigating the stairs with her crutches.
  • It took us 10 minutes to navigate through the parking lot to the exit.
  • The captain navigated the ship.
  • He has had experience navigating airplanes through storms.
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navigate verb