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move verb
moved, has moved, is moving, moves
حَرَّكَ, تَحَرَّكَ
نَقَلَ, تَحَلْحَلَ
تَرَاقَصَ, قَلْقَلَ
Example sentences of
move verb
  • He moved the chair closer to the table.
  • It may be necessary to move the patient to intensive care.
  • The breeze moved the branches of the trees.
  • The branches moved gently in the breeze.
  • She was unable to move her legs.
  • She was so frightened that she could hardly move.
  • I moved over so that she could sit next to me.
  • We moved into the shade.
  • The police were moving through the crowd telling people to move toward the exit.
  • We could hear someone moving around upstairs.