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miss verb
missed, has missed, is missing, misses
عَدِمَ, فَقَدَ, افْتَقَدَ
أَخْطَأَ, قَصَرَ, قَصَّرَ
Example sentences of
miss verb
  • He swung and missed the ball completely.
  • The shot missed the goal by inches.
  • The batter swung and missed.
  • She took three shots and missed every time.
  • I would hate to miss this opportunity.
  • She could have joined us, but she missed her chance.
  • They missed a payment on their car loan.
  • He was in such a hurry that he missed breakfast.
Synonyms of
miss verb
Miss noun
آنِسَة, فَتَاة
Synonyms of
Miss noun
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