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low adjective
قَصِير, وَاطِئ
سُفْلِيّ, سَافِل
ذَلِيل, رَذْل, رَذِيل, دَنِيء
لَئِيم, حَقِير, خَسِيس
Example sentences of
low adjective
  • The apartment has low ceilings.
  • They measured temperatures as low as 10 below zero.
  • He's being treated for low blood pressure.
  • He takes a low dose of medicine.
  • She earns a low salary.
  • Demand for his books has remained low.
  • Temperatures were in the low eighties.
  • Our supply of fuel is getting low.
  • They have a home in the low country.
  • The houses are built on low ground.