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look verb
looked, has looked, is looking, looks
نَظَرَ, تَبَصَّرَ
حَدَقَ, حَدَّقَ, أَحْدَقَ
رَمَقَ, رَنَّقَ
Example sentences of
look verb
  • He looked straight ahead and kept walking.
  • When you take a walk, look around you.
  • She smiled at me and then looked away.
  • He looked back the way he had come.
  • Look both ways before you cross the street.
  • When I finally reached the top I was afraid to look down.
  • She looked from one person to the next.
  • They looked off into the distance.
  • He was looking over his shoulder.
  • Her new haircut makes her look young.