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leave verb
left, has left, is leaving, leaves
بَرَحَ, بَارَحَ, خَرَجَ, انْصَرَفَ, غَادَرَ, تَرَكَ, فَارَقَ, فَصَلَ, انْفَصَلَ, رَاحَ
تَخَلَّى, غَابَ, زَايَلَ, زَالَ, نَأَى, سَرَحَ, فَرَّطَ
رَحَلَ, رَاغَ, غَرَبَ, شَخَصَ, صَرَمَ, حَادَ
طَلَّقَ, غَرَّبَ, خَذَلَ, خَاذَلَ
Example sentences of
leave verb
  • She left her friends and went home.
  • You may leave your things in this room.
leave noun
إِجَازَة, إِذْن
انْصِرَاف, مُغَادَرَة, مُهَاجَرَة
Example sentences of
leave noun
  • He took an unpaid leave from work.
  • The soldiers were given a two-month leave for the holidays.
  • He took a few months' leave to care for his sick mother.
  • Our professor is on leave this semester.
  • She is on leave from her law firm.
  • a soldier on military leave
  • I beg leave to differ with you, sir.
  • He was found guilty but was granted leave to appeal against the verdict.