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last adjective
Example sentences of
last adjective
  • He was the last one out of the building.
  • She succeeded on her last attempt.
  • These are the last two books in the series.
  • We are going to the beach for the last week of the summer.
  • the last cookie in the jar
  • She said she wouldn't marry him if he was the last man on earth.
  • He was tragically killed during the last days of the war.
  • I haven't seen her recently. The last time we met was at a party.
last adverb
Example sentences of
last adverb
  • He spoke last at the meeting.
  • My horse was last in the race.
  • She was first to arrive at the party and last to leave.
  • I last saw him in the supermarket.
  • They last went to the beach in June.
  • This word was last used in the 17th century.
Synonyms of
last adverb
last determiner
last verb
lasted, has lasted, is lasting, lasts
اسْتَمَرَّ, اسْتَغْرَقَ
تَمَادَى, دَامَ
بَقِيَ, ظَلَّ
Example sentences of
last verb
  • How long does the movie last?
  • The car should last 10 years.
last noun
نِهَايَة, خِتَام
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