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lace verb
laced, has laced, is lacing, laces
عَقَدَ بِرِبَاط, رَبَطَ
أَدْخَلَ رِبَاطًا فِي ثُقُوب حِذَاء
شَدَّ الخَصْرَ بِعَقْد أَرْبِطَة مِشَدّ عَقْدًا مُحْكَمًا
أَضَافَ مِقْدَارًا طَفِيفًا مِن شَرَاب مُسْكِر إِلَى شَيْء مَا (مَشْرُوب آخَر)
أَضْفَى نَكْهَة
Responsive image
A small boy lacing his shoes
Example sentences of
lace verb
  • a dress that laces in the back
  • the gardener laced the shoots of ivy around the trellis to direct their growth
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lace verb