Terms of Use

The following terms of use apply to the Britannica English mobile applications for Android and iOS to the Britannica English web sites owned by Encyclopædia Britannica Inc. and/or its subsidiaries, which include dictionary content, translation and English learning content (hereinafter " Britannica English products") .

All rights to the content of the Britannica English Products including, any including any words, definitions, idioms, expressions, translations, in English, Spanish or any other language, any diacritics and vowel signs, links between words voice files, grammatical inflections, topical word lists, graphic content and game content included in Britannica English Products and any other content that appear in the Britannica English Products, are the sole property of Encyclopædia Britannica Inc. and/or its subsidiaries (hereinafter " Britannica").

The information and database of Britannica English Products are solely intended for translations of single words and expressions via typing such single word or expression in the relevant field of the website and/or application and viewing the content page presented by Britannica in full, without modification, deletions or additions to the original page, and for personal use only.

Britannica English Products content or any portion thereof may not be copied and/or transferred and/or be sold to others, whether for competitive or any other purpose. Word lists may not be run consecutively through Britannica English Products whether via software or manually, and no files, lists nor databases whatsoever may be created using the Britannica English Products. The information available on Britannica English websites and/or Britannica English applications and/or the Britannica English Dictionaries' databases, may not be used for any illegal purpose and/or for any purpose that contradict these Terms of Use or any other interests of Britannica By using the Britannica English Products, users are deemed to have agreed to the above and to act accordingly. All word lists and/or translations produced by Britannica English Dictionaries are Britannica's sole property and may not be used without Britannica’s prior written consent.

Users of Britannica English Products may not use systems to extract any data from Britannica English Products, including entries, translations, voice files, grammatical declensions, and subscription details of registered users. Britannica reserves the right to block a user whose pattern of use of the Britannica English Products is not reasonable for legal use of the site.

It is hereby clarified, that any other use and/or deviation from these Terms of Use (directly or indirectly) will cause Britannica financial and other damage. Britannica will have the right to block the breaching party from any further use of Britannica English Products, and to take such action, in accordance with law, against any such breaching party.

To the extent Britannica English Products display content from other non- Britannica sites, Britannica shall not be responsible for the content of such sites.

All rights to the Britannica English™ trademark, the Britannica English logo and any Britannica logos that appear in the Britannica English Products are reserved by Britannica.

Registration to Britannica English Dictionaries is done using a Facebook user name or email address or any other valid registration process. A valid user name or email address must be provided. Registration enables users to save words in their personal word files.

A user who registered to Britannica English Products grants Britannica. his or her explicit consent to send him or her, from time to time, notifications of version upgrades, notifications of new options in Britannica English Products, and other promotions provided by or through Britannica. If the user wishes to cease such delivery of notifications, such user will be required to contact Britannica using the contact form appears in the Britannica English products and request to cease the delivery of notifications. Britannica agrees to keep the user details of registered users confidential.

This agreement can be modified by Britannica from time to time. The most updated Agreement displayed in Britannica English Products is the Agreement in effect

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