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indulge verb
indulged, has indulged, is indulging, indulges
دَلَّلَ, دَلَّعَ
تَسَاهَلَ, سَايَرَ, دَارَى
انْغَمَسَ فِي
أَشْبَعَ رَغَبَاتِه
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A couple indulging in a meal at an expensive restaurant
Example sentences of
indulge verb
  • It's my birthday. I'm going to indulge myself and eat whatever I want to eat.
  • It's my birthday. I'm going to indulge.
  • Please indulge me while I review the topics we covered yesterday.
  • The museum is an excellent place to let children indulge their curiosity about dinosaurs.
  • She bought a house with a big yard so that she could indulge her passion for gardening.
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indulge verb