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group noun
مَجْمُوعَة, جَمَاعَة
فَرِيق, فِرْقَة, مَحْفِل
أُسْرَة, مَعْشَر
Example sentences of
group noun
  • It'll be easier if we go there as a group.
  • She presented the idea to the group.
  • We like to let these students work in groups whenever possible.
  • She belongs to an environmental group.
  • She joined a discussion group.
  • A select group of scientists has been invited to the conference.
group verb
grouped, has grouped, is grouping, groups
جَمَعَ, جَمَّعَ
صَنَّفَ, نَسَّقَ, بَوَّبَ
Example sentences of
group verb
  • You should group the invertebrates by genus.
  • Group the kids together and we'll see who's missing.
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group verb
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