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give verb
gave, has given, is giving, gives
مَنَحَ, خَوَّلَ, جَعَلَ, غَنَّمَ, وَهَبَ
نَالَ, نَوَّلَ, نَاوَلَ
Example sentences of
give verb
  • Please give me your phone number.
  • Are you giving this to me or only lending it?
  • She has given money to many worthy causes.
  • They're asking people to give money for a new hospital.
  • Please give to our charity.
  • We already gave at the office.
  • It is better to give than to receive.
  • He gave me the letter.
  • He gave her his coat to hold.
  • He gave me a head start.
  • She gave him a camera for Christmas.