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fog noun
حَيْرَة, ارْتِبَاك, الْتِبَاس
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Headlights of a car driving in the fog
Example sentences of
fog noun
  • Heavy fog made it difficult to see the road.
  • a climate marked by heavy fogs
  • The fog reduced visibility to a quarter of a mile.
  • This problem has me in a fog.
Synonyms of
fog noun
fog verb
fogged, has fogged, is fogging, fogs
ضَبَّبَ (كَسَى أَو لَفَّ بِالضَّبَاب)
جَعَلَه غَامِضًا أَو مُحَيِّرًا
Example sentences of
fog verb
  • The steam from the pot was fogging the window near the stove.
  • The bathroom was all fogged up after my shower.
  • politicians who try to fog the issue instead of taking a stand