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fire verb
fired, has fired, is firing, fires
حَرَّقَ, أَحْرَقَ
وَرَّى, أَوْرَى, وَرَى
أَقَالَ, فَصَلَ, سَرَّحَ, أَطْلَقَ
Example sentences of
fire verb
  • She fired the arrow at the target.
  • He fired several shots at the police.
  • She had to fire several workers.
  • He fired at the police.
  • The soldiers fired on the enemy.
  • The shortstop fired the ball to first base.
  • The angry mob fired rocks at him.
  • The boxer fired a left jab at his opponent's chin.
  • The story fired his imagination.
  • The gun failed to fire.
Synonyms of
fire verb