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figure noun
شَكْل, صُورَة, قَوَام
رَقْم, عَدَد
Example sentences of
figure noun
  • Are you sure of your figures?
  • We could barely make out some figures moving in the mist.
  • The vase is decorated with figures of birds and fish.
  • No precise figures are available yet.
  • I came up with a very different figure.
  • The company had yearly sales figures of half a million units.
  • The walls of the cave are covered with drawings of human and animal figures.
  • a collection of bronze figures
figure verb
figured, has figured, is figuring, figures
خَطَّ, خَطَّطَ, رَسَمَ, نَعَتَ
Example sentences of
figure verb
  • “They lost.” “I figured as much.”
  • She figures to finish by noon.
  • The debate over tax rates figured prominently in the last election.
  • He figured the cost at about $10,000.
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figure verb
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