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fight noun
قِتَال, غِلَاب, نِزَال
صِرَاع, نِزَاع, نِضَال, مُنَازَعَة, كِفَاح
شِجَار, مُشَادَّة, خِنَاقَة, مُعَاكَسَة
مُقَاوَمَة, مناهضة
Example sentences of
fight noun
  • A fight broke out in the bar.
  • When he was young he was always getting into fights.
  • He got into another fight with his wife about money.
  • a fight for the heavyweight title
fight verb
fought, has fought, is fighting, fights
قَاتَلَ, حَارَبَ, غَالَبَ, جَالَدَ, نَاجَزَ, صَارَعَ, نَازَعَ, كَافَحَ, نَاضَلَ
خَانَقَ, قَارَعَ, شَاحَنَ
تَنَاضَلَ, تَخَانَقَ, تَنَازَعَ, تَشَاجَرَ, تَضَارَبَ, تَنَاظَرَ, تَنَاحَرَ, اشْتَجَرَ
قَاوَمَ, نَاوَأَ, نَاهَضَ
Example sentences of
fight verb
  • When he was young he was always fighting.
  • He fought like a tiger.
  • The U.S. and Germany fought in World Wars I and II.
  • They vowed to fight the invaders of their homeland.
  • The U.S. fought Germany in World Wars I and II.
  • He and his wife are always fighting over money.
  • We were fighting to protect our jobs.