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escape verb
escaped, has escaped, is escaping, escapes
فَرَّ, هَرَبَ, انْهَزَمَ
الْتَجَأَ, نَجَا, اسْتَنْجَى, نَقِذَ
Example sentences of
escape verb
  • They managed to escape from the burning building.
  • He needed a vacation to escape the routine of daily life.
  • She moved to the city to escape the memory of her mother's death.
  • He succeeded in escaping punishment for many years.
  • trying to help people to escape poverty
  • trying to help people to escape from poverty
  • A few passengers somehow escaped injury.
  • She barely escaped death when her car slid off the road.
  • Several passengers escaped without injury.
Synonyms of
escape verb
escape noun
مَفَرّ, بُدّ
Example sentences of
escape noun
  • The prisoners attempted a daring escape.
  • He celebrated his escape from his boring job with a long vacation.
  • She had a lucky escape when she wasn't injured in the accident.
  • She managed to avoid serious injury, but it was a narrow escape.
  • The door was locked; there was no escape.
  • Gardening offered an escape from her busy life.
  • an accidental escape of poisonous gases
  • trying to prevent further escape of liquid
Synonyms of
escape noun