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enter verb
entered, has entered, is entering, enters
دَخَلَ, وَلَجَ, تَوَلَّجَ, دَمَجَ
أَدْخَلَ, أَوْلَجَ
شَارَكَ, سَاهَمَ
Example sentences of
enter verb
  • Knock on the door before you enter the room.
  • The medication will quickly enter the blood stream.
  • The river enters the sea near here.
  • Our son will be entering college next year.
  • enter a child in kindergarten
  • The new battleship is scheduled to enter service next spring.
  • an actor who's just now entering his prime
  • The strike has now entered its second week.
  • We've entered a new phase in our relationship.
  • The country is entering a period of prosperity.
Synonyms of
enter verb