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end noun
آخِر, نِهَايَة
غَايَة, غَرْض, هَدَف
عُقْب, عَاقِبَة, مَغَبَّة
Example sentences of
end noun
  • The report is due at the end of the month.
  • She interviewed several players at the end of the game.
  • The restaurant is in the north end of the city.
  • We biked from one end of the island to the other.
  • The house is at the end of the road.
  • They live at opposite ends of town.
  • the deep end of a swimming pool
  • She drove the end of the stake into the ground.
  • The car's front end was damaged.
  • One end of the rope was tangled.
end verb
ended, has ended, is ending, ends
أَنْهَى, اخْتَتَمَ, خَتَمَ, تَمَّ
أَسْفَرَ, انْجَلَى, صَارَ
انْقَطَعَ, ذَوَى
Example sentences of
end verb
  • They ended the meeting at noon.
  • The line of people ended around the corner.
  • A marching band will end the parade.