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dull adjective
كَلِيل, بَاهِت, خَفِيف
بَلِيد, تَافِه, غَبِيَ, غَلِيظ
رَتِيب, مُمِلّ
كَسُول, مًتَثَاقِل, خَامِل
Example sentences of
dull adjective
  • He was distracted by the dull roar of the crowd.
  • The dull knife just bounced off the skin of the tomato without cutting it.
dull verb
dulled, has dulled, is dulling, dulls
Example sentences of
dull verb
  • Fog dulled the morning sunlight.
  • Special earplugs dulled the sound of the chain saw.
  • His hair dulled as he aged.
  • The dog's eyes dulled as he got sick.
  • She takes medicine to dull the pain.
  • Fear dulled his need for adventure.
  • The knife was dulled from use.
  • The blade should be replaced as soon as it dulls.
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dull verb
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