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dry adjective
Example sentences of
dry adjective
  • Mix the dry ingredients first, then add the milk and eggs.
  • I don't like the dry heat of the desert.
  • We tried to stay dry in the rain by standing under a tree.
  • The stream is bone dry.
  • Are the clothes dry yet?
  • The paint should be dry in a few hours.
  • a stretch of dry weather
  • a country with a very dry climate
  • This plant does well in dry conditions.
  • The chicken was dry and tasteless.
Synonyms of
dry adjective
dry verb
dried, has dried, is drying, dries
Example sentences of
dry verb
  • I'll wash the dishes if you dry them.
  • Make sure you dry your hands.
  • He dried himself with the towel.
  • Stop crying and dry your eyes.
  • I'll wash and you dry, okay?
  • Your shirt is drying on the clothesline.
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