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depressed adjective
Example sentences of
depressed adjective
  • The rainy weather had her feeling lonely and depressed.
  • He was depressed about having to return to school.
  • The new drug is being tested on a group of severely depressed patients.
  • They are living in a depressed area.
  • The patient has a somewhat depressed appetite.
  • Prices have remained at a depressed level.
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depressed adjective
depress verb
depressed, has depressed, is depressing, depresses
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depress verb
  • The news seemed to depress him a little.
  • I don't mean to depress you, but there's no way we can win.
  • We were all depressed by the loss.
  • You shouldn't let this kind of problem depress you.
  • These changes could depress the economy.
  • Market conditions are likely to depress earnings in the next quarter.
  • depressing the price of a stock
  • Slowly depress the car's brake pedal.
  • Depress the “shift” key on your keyboard.
  • The doctor will depress your tongue and look at your throat.
Synonyms of
depress verb
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