2 Translation results for: decay
decay noun
انْحِلَال, تَفَسُّخ
تَعَفُّن, تَلَف, فَسَاد
اضْمِحْلَال, تَلَاشٍ
بِلًى, انْحِطَاط
Example sentences of
decay noun
  • She writes about the moral decay of our society.
  • the decay of dead plants and leaves
  • the patient's physical and mental decay
  • The city's neighborhoods are in slow decay.
Synonyms of
decay noun
decay verb
decayed, has decayed, is decaying, decays
عَفِنَ, تَعَفَّنَ, فَسَدَ, تَلِفَ
نَخِرَ, تَسَوَّسَ
انْحَلَّ, تَفَكَّكَ, تَفَسَّخَ
انْحَطَّ, انْحَدَرَ
Example sentences of
decay verb
  • the smell of decaying rubbish
  • dead plants and leaves decayed by bacteria
  • She believes that the moral fiber of our society is decaying.
  • our decaying public school system
  • The city's neighborhoods are decaying.