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course noun
دَوْرَة, حَلْقَة
خُطَّة, أُسْلُوب, مَنْهَج, هَدْيَة
تَيَّار, مَدْرَج, شَوْط, مَسْرَب, سِيرَة
Example sentences of
course noun
  • She's taking a chemistry course this semester.
  • The pilot brought the plane back on course.
  • The ship was blown off course by a storm.
  • There is no cure, but the treatment will slow the course of the disease.
  • the course of a river
  • Students earn the degree after a two-year course of study.
Synonyms of
course noun
course verb
coursed, has coursed, is coursing, courses
Example sentences of
course verb
  • the blood coursing through my veins
  • Tears were coursing down his cheeks.
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