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coach noun
عَرَبَة, مَرْكَبَة
حَافِلَة, بَاص
دَرَجَة سِيَاحِيَّة
Example sentences of
coach noun
  • The tennis star has been working with a new coach.
  • I usually fly coach, but on this trip I'm flying first-class.
  • In those days, people usually traveled long distances in coaches.
Synonyms of
coach noun
coach verb
coached, has coached, is coaching, coaches
Example sentences of
coach verb
  • He coaches the tennis star.
  • He has coached the team for several years.
  • She coached the U.S. gymnastics team at the Olympics.
  • He has coached at the college level for many years.
  • The lawyer admitted to coaching the witness.
  • It was clear that the witness had been coached by her lawyer on how to answer the questions.