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chip verb
chipped, has chipped, is chipping, chips
قَطَّعَ عَلَى شَكْل رُقَاقَات
كَسَرَ مِن شَيْء, شَوَّهَ بِكَسْر
Example sentences of
chip verb
  • I bit into something hard and chipped my tooth.
  • He fell and chipped a bone in his knee.
  • The paint had chipped off.
  • He chipped away the ice from the car's windshield.
  • The sculptor chipped away bits of stone.
  • The golfer chipped the ball onto the green.
  • She chipped the soccer ball over the goalie's head.
  • He chipped a pass to his teammate.
  • The golfer chipped onto the green.