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chip noun
رُقَاقَة بَطَاطِس
شَيْء صَغِير أَو تَافِه
قِطْعَة مِن الخُضَار
كَسْر (فِي حَافَّة صَحْن خَزَفِيّ)
Example sentences of
chip noun
  • The cup has a chip in it.
  • Wood chips were spread over the ground between the plants.
Synonyms of
chip noun
chip verb
chipped, has chipped, is chipping, chips
قَطَّعَ عَلَى شَكْل رُقَاقَات
كَسَرَ مِن شَيْء, شَوَّهَ بِكَسْر
Example sentences of
chip verb
  • I bit into something hard and chipped my tooth.
  • He fell and chipped a bone in his knee.
  • The paint had chipped off.
  • He chipped away the ice from the car's windshield.
  • The sculptor chipped away bits of stone.
  • The golfer chipped the ball onto the green.
  • She chipped the soccer ball over the goalie's head.
  • He chipped a pass to his teammate.
  • The golfer chipped onto the green.