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bounce verb
bounced, has bounced, is bouncing, bounces
طَرَدَ, صَرَفَ
نَهَض بِسُرْعَة (مِن لَكْمَة)
Example sentences of
bounce verb
  • He was bouncing a tennis ball against the garage door.
  • She's been bouncing the ball back and forth.
  • The children love to bounce on the bed.
  • The winner bounced up and down with delight.
  • Her curls bounced as she jumped.
  • He bounced the baby on his knee.
  • She gave me a check for 20 dollars, but the check bounced, and I never got the money.
  • He bounced a 100-dollar check at the grocery store.
  • The store charges a $15 fee for a bounced check.