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board verb
boarded, has boarded, is boarding, boards
اسْتَقَلَّ (وَسِيلَة مُوَاصَلَات)
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Boarding a bus
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board verb
  • You must have a ticket in order to board the train.
  • The pirates tried to board the ship, but we fought them off.
  • We're supposed to board at 10:15.
  • We're now boarding all passengers.
  • The flight is about to begin boarding.
  • Passengers should remain in the boarding area.
  • The caretaker boarded the window.
  • They board guests during the summer season.
  • Many students board at the college.
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board verb
board noun
Example sentences of
board noun
  • They nailed some boards over the broken window.
  • They covered the board in fabric and pinned some photographs to it.
  • This is the board that is used to play games like chess and checkers.
  • I saw a notice on the board calling for volunteers.
  • Write the answers on the board.
  • She is on the town's planning board.
  • The parole board has decided that the prisoner is not yet ready for release.
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board noun