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back noun
Example sentences of
back noun
  • She was carrying her little daughter on her back.
  • She has a pain in the small of her back.
  • I slapped him on his back to congratulate him.
  • She stabbed him in the back.
  • He was handcuffed with his hands behind his back.
  • a bird with a spotted back
  • riding on the back of a horse
  • a comfortable chair with a padded back
Synonyms of
back noun
back verb
backed, has backed, is backing, backs
أَيَّدَ, دَعَمَ, سَانَدَ
عَضَّدَ, عَاضَدَ
Example sentences of
back verb
  • I'm backing him for President.
  • She backed the winner of the race and won a lot of money.
  • She backed her argument with written evidence.
  • She backed the singer on the guitar.
  • She backed into a parking space.
  • She backed out of the garage.
  • The dog kept growling but backed off cautiously.
  • back a skirt with stiff material
back adjective
Example sentences of
back adjective
  • He keeps his wallet in his back pocket.
  • We came in through the back entrance.
  • We drove on the back roads instead of the main roads.
  • The company owes him several months in back pay.
Synonyms of
back adjective